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This jewelry can often be made from supplies on hand.  

     Supplies needed:  

          Sheet of plastic canvas  
          Scraps of fabric to match buttons  
          Purchased pin back  

1.) Cut canvas into size and shape desired: rectangles, heart-shaped,  
        triangles and etc.  
2.) Cover canvas shape with fabric, turning edges inside.  
3.) Arrange a base of plain buttons around the outside of the covered  
        canvas, sewing through the eyes with thread.  
4.) In the middle arrange one of a kind buttons with eyes or shanks to fill  
        the inside in a pleasing arrangement.  
5.) Attach a purchased pin back to the back of the canvas.  

* Note: This ideas adapts well for a seasonal pin or for general wear. The heart shape is a good idea for Valentine's Day,   made of pink, red and white buttons. 

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