2007 - Over 15 years of Holiday Magic

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July 1st, 2007
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Santaland Celebrates 15th Anniversary
of Family-Oriented Christmas Web Site Was the First Christmas Site on the Internet

(PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VA) . . . While thousands of new sites launch on the Internet every day, Prince William County resident Jeff Guide is a bona fide veteran of the World Wide Web. Guide is celebrating the 15thth anniversary of his, the oldest Christmas site on the Web. is a privately owned domain that provides Christmas related family content at the click of a button. The site provides Internet users with year-around access to a wide variety of Christmas related interests including holiday recipes, crafts, music, books, electronic greeting cards, children activities and a nostalgic look at Christmas traditions.

Guide, a Dale City resident initially created as a Gopher site for a national online service. launched on the internet in December 1991 to test public interest in the Internet. The rest, as they say, was history.

"Interest in the site was so overwhelming during the 1991 holiday season that the company’s mainframe crashed several times," said Guide. "By the next year, they were prepared for the traffic and everything went smoothly. By 1994, I decided to venture out on my own with the site and in 1995 became its own domain. We’ve added new features and information every year, and it has become more and more popular."

In fact, between October and December 2002, more than 1.2 million unique visitors found their way to One of the site’s most popular features is the 'Letters to Santa'. You can watch your letter from Santa materialize right before your eyes.

Another popular feature on the Web site is, a page that tracks Santa Claus’ progress on December 24th as he delivers gifts to families around the world. Guide describes this as a "low-tech" tracking device to follow St. Nick’s progress via the Santa Space Scope, Santa Radar or Santa Cam.

Do you want to know how to select the perfect Christmas tree? Wondering how Santa makes it around the world in such a short time? Interested in the history of holiday ornaments? Need the lyrics to your favorite Christmas carol? Guide has compiled all this and more on

The design of is intended to evoke a feeling and sentiment of an old fashioned Christmas. Our aim is to make the site family friendly for end users of all ages. has received numerous awards and credits for being one of the top Christmas sites on the Internet. We do not seek out publicity, awards or credits.  Worldwide media inquiries have been coming to Santaland since it's inception. With a minimum amount of publicity, we depend on word-of-mouth and as such we have had a loyal following for many years.


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