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Acme Wild Bird Feeder Company
Sells hummingbird feeders and squirrel proof bird feeders as well as window, tube, platform, house, oriole, and suet feeders.
Handcrafted, species-specific and specialty bird feeders and houses for backyard birding enthusiasts.
Wild Bird Center
Silver Spring - Details of bird houses, bird baths and other products offered. Also offers tips to help attract birds.
Wild Birds Unlimited
The first and largest franchise system of retail stores catering to the backyard birdfeeding hobbyist. On-line store, Bird FeederCam and educational resources.
Water Art
Offers decorative drip and misting systems for bird baths.
BellSong Products
Squngee, the bungee-jumping squirrel-feeder.
The Wild Bird Store
Wholesale catalog for the backyard birder. Products for wild birds, bats, butterflies, toads, and ladybugs.
The Bird Table
Many different types of wild bird food, bird feeders, bird baths, bird tables and nest boxex in our online shop, plus advice and links.
Sun Country Farms
Offering a wild birdfood product that contains only essential bird seeds, no filler, no waste, just great food!
Wild Bird Crossing
Hummingbird and purple martin items, bird song identifyers, feeders, houses, and water garden supplies here.
The Wren's Den
Sells a variety of bird feeders, aquatics, bird houses and nectar feeders.
Havegard Bird Feed Products
Manufactures a full line of bird feed and related products.
Natural Yards
Hand-crafted cedar and glass wild bird feeders and related products, including suets, screen trays, nesting boxes, bat houses, more. Made in Oregon
Art by Gary
Features acorn-shaped bird and butterfly houses, available in seven colors.
NE Wild Bird Food Company
Wild bird food products including seed blends, sunflower, safflower, nyger seed and peanuts. Offering NEWBird and North Eastern's Finest Brands.
Wild Bird Habitat Store
Sells seed, feeders, nest boxes, baths, books, calendars, and sun catchers. Includes feeding tips and online catalogue
Santa Cruz Birdfeeder
Our store offers everything for birdwatchers and birders.
Audubon Workshop
Offers foods and seeds, houses and boxes, feeders and any other supplies you need to attract and keep your favorite bird species happy
Vermont Custom Stone Bird Baths
One of a kind bird baths handcrafted from local Vermont stone. Stone msdon Richard. Birdhouses
Handmade birdhouses providing beautiful nesting places for wild birds. All birdhouses are suitable for exterior use.
All for the Birds
Hand-made birdhouses and birdfeeders.
Videos about birds and bird watching. Something for beginners and serious birders.
Songbird Station
Offering more than 5,000 items for sale, including birdhouses, seed, feeders, baths, accessories and gifts for all occasions.
Big Red Nature Store
Wild bird feeders, birdhouses, birdbaths, hummingbird feeders, nature gifts, pet supply, and home & garden accessories. Serving customers worldwide from San Antonio, Texas.
No Birdfeeder - All metal collapsible wire basket sunflower feeder, similar in design to fish baskets.
Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Seed
Offers seed that prevents squirrels from out of a bird feeder. Includes bird feeding and backyard birding tips.
Wild Bird Center
Bird and wildlife products. Sold at franchise stores or online.
Double Bar A Wild Bird Store
Visit us for all your bird feeding supplies. We have a large selection of brand name feeders, seed, books and other backyard birding supplies.
Bluebirds Forever
A nature store for bluebird lovers.
Purple Martin Man
Learn how to build your own Purple Martin birdhouse.
Chez Birdie
Birdhouses for discriminating tweeters
Birdhouse Kits
Offers a selection of birdhouse kits.
Wild Birds General Store
Celebrating birds, nature and wildlife
Backyard Birder
Offers wild bird feeders made of cedar, finished with brass screws. Also sells hummingbird feeders, field guides, birdwatching tips and more.
Made in Vermont Products
Decorative and colorful wild bird feeders for your lawn and garden.
Main Street Seed And Supply, Co
Retail supplier of bird feeders, bird seed, bird baths, vegetable seeds, flower seeds, wind chimes, thermometers and clothing for the outdoor and gardening enthusiast.
Wild About Town
Wire frame bird feeders and seed balls.
Woodland Habitat
Nest boxes for a variety of North American species, including bluebird, house wren, wood duck, kestrel, screech owl, bats, squirrels and more
Birdhouse - Hand-crafted, red cedar birdhouses and birdfeeders accented with copper roofs and trim. Free birdfeeder plans.
Kern Manufacturing - Bird seeds,feeds and more.
Real Bird Homes
Quality bird houses and nest boxes built to Audubon specifications and approved by the North American Bluebird Society for native birds.
Wild bird and pet foods.
Experimental Studio
Hand crafted terra cotta birdfeeders and houses. Clay windchimes.
RJS Specialties
A pole that swivels and telescopes for ease of servicing. Powder coated, designed to be used on deck rail, wall or post. Order by e-mail.
The Birdhouse Studio
Creators of distinctive birdhouses. We can replicate your home or cottage as functional art. Decorate your garden with original custom birdhouse architecture.
Happy Bird Corporation
Covered bird drinking sippers. Insulated to protect from cold and heat.
Stone Bottle Farm
Stone birdhouses, feeders, birdbaths, and planters, also featuring unique accent pieces for home and garden.
Large selection of seed products. Offers a subscription service with automatic delivery of seed at regular intervals.
JJ Partners
Squirrel-proof bird feeder, custom painted in seven different colors.
The Wood People
Bird feeders and bird houses are designed to attract wild birds
DeLANEY Company
One-of-a-kind accents for the home and garden ... featuring copper, steel and glass.
I-View - Observe your bluebirds through every phase of nesting. From nest building, egg laying, hatching, nestlings and fledging remote to your television and VCR.
Offers houses and feeders made in the mountains of Montana using limbs -bark -moss and lichen from Douglas Fir trees.
Backyard Wildlife Refuge
Bird houses, feeders, baths, bat boxes, ladybug house, butterfly, squirrel feeder, sundials, weathervanes, thermometers, clocks, and solar pumps. Houses and feeders for purple martin, wren, chickadee, oriole, hummingbird, finche
Toltec statues and birdbaths for customers in the Tucson area.
Products for outdoor enjoyment, enhancement and pleasure including high quality bird houses, bird feeders, and planting accessories.
Gallery of the Sun
Toltec statues and birdbaths for customers in the Tucson area.
Sunflower Farms
A green company dedicated to creating custom designed, handcrafted wild bird and garden accessories for those who love their gardens and the outdoors
Bird Central
Wildlife garden designs of bird feeders, birdhouses, birdbaths, butterfly houses, bat houses, and hummingbird feeders.
Coveside Conservation Products
Handcrafted nest boxes for every species of North American bird that nests in a cavity. Also bat houses, bird feeders and other wooden wildlife products. Requires JavaScript to be enabled.
A Growing Business
Hand crafted cedar birdhouses and feeders.
Sandras Home Expressions
Moving water for bird products, bird creek/pond kits, water fall rocks for stagnet bird baths, bird baths and garden accessories.
Wild About Birds
Offers a large selection birdfeeders, birdhouses, birdbaths, hummingbird feeders and nature gifts.
Features an extensive, premium selection of wild bird products such as birds feeders, houses and baths.
Prestige Products
Specially developed high nutrition white corn for squirrels and birds designed to provide energy and a heavier coat for protection from the winter's cold temperatures.
Natures Wonder
Offers a variety of items including birdhouses, feeders, and mushroom people.
Wild Bird Centers of Burke and Oakton, Virginia
Welcome to the Wild Bird Centers of Burke and Oakton, Virginia. We are dedicated to enhancing your enjoyment of watching, feeding, and understanding backyard birds and other wildlife.
Interpro Inc
Offers western cedar bird houses, bird feeders, handblown glass hummingbird feeders.
Australian Bird Crafts
These unique handcrafted and exquisitely painted Australian birds and bird-baths will complement any garden setting.
Birdsnest Co.UK
UK based manufacturers producing a variety of handmade wooden birdhouses and birdfeeders.
Bird Watcher Supply
Sells bird feeders, seed, houses and baths. Frequently asked questions regarding feeding and attacting wild birds.
Wild Bird Emporium
On-line shop specialising in birding related items.
Bluebird Love
Our mission is to create or find the unique of highest quality among bluebirding and wildbirding products. Bird Feeders and Houses
Sells wild bird feeders including hummingbird, squirrel proof, and window feeders. Offers purple martin, wood duck and bluebird houses, rustic and decorative houses, birdbaths, butterfly, bat, and ladybug houses.
Four Natures Keepers
Your natural resource for this unique wild bird diet. The difference is in the ingredients.
Bird Seed Central
Seed products for wild birds and other backyard wildlife.
Plasticraft Manufacturing Company
Quality purple martin gourds, bluebird houses, and hummingbird feeders.
Audubon Nature Store
Squirrel proof bird feeders, humming bird feeders, Bushnell scopes, outdoor thermometers, other bird feeding products and other items for getting back to nature.
Avian Aquatics
Manufacturer of innovative bird bathing products including bird baths, misters, drippers, bird creeks, and waterfall rocks, and our patented Suet Sandwich woodpecker feeder.
Maine Wild Bird Food Company
Offers wild bird seed.
Backyard Bird Watcher
Large selection of quality bird feeding supplies, home and garden, and nature gifts including birdfeeders, birdhouses, birdbaths, garden accents, bird feeding tips and more.
Osborn Crafts
Handmade round-shaped birdhouses and feeders made from pressure treaded wood and cedar.
The Birdhouse Depot
Birdhouses, bird feeders, and birdhouse kits in new or aged cedar.
Maine Manna Bird Seed
Maine made, all-natural, high quality, manna bells, manna cakes, seed bells and Bubble Harbor products.
Van Ert Enterprises
Bluebird nest box traps, inbox Sparrow traps (all steel), bluebird nest boxes, and mealworm feeders.
Barry's Bird Boxes
Nest boxes for bluebird, chickadee, wren and other backyard and garden birds. Bird houses, bird feeder kits and feeder poles.
Natures' Helpers Bird Feeders and Accessories
Large selection of economically priced hanging bird feeders,squirrel baffles and accessories. Includes helpful hints on feeding birds and favorable foods for various species as well as a library of bird soun
Mortons Custom Birdhouses
High quality hand crafted custom birdhouses and accessories .
Healthy Bird
Healthy Bird, the nutritional solution for your bird's diet .
Sunfollower Sunflowers
Whole head black oilseed sunflowers.
Pipestem Creek
Natural, completely edible bird feeders. Sunflower heads, safflower, ebony wheat, canary grass, buffalo berries, amaranth and rose hips are parts of a full palette of colorful ingredients, carefully chosen for the feeding of birds.
Haith's have been delivering Bird Foods by Mail Order for over 60 years. Our range of seeds and foods remains unrivalled-as does our unique range of bird feeders.
Wild Bird Habitat Store
Feeders, next boxes, supplies, books, and gifts. Stores located in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Whatever Works
Pest control problem products, and home and garden supplies.
Creative Native Designs
Red cedar birdfeeders, kits and gifts. Hand crafted by the Salish Indians in BC. Bird feeding tips.
Sassafras Hollow Aartisans
Hand crafted birdhouses, sterling silver jewelry and cutting boards, birdhouse blueprints and nesting facts.
The Wildlife Authority
A wild bird and nature store owned by a wildlife biologist with 25 years experience studying and attracting wildlife.
Arizona Bird Works
Nest box and bird feeder kits, including bluebird, chickadee, wren, swallows, purple martin.
Backyard Birds & Discovery Center
Our site caters to all of the wild bird lovers and enthusiasts of nature & gardens!
Including bird feeders, bird houses and related art.
Birdhouses at Nestbuilders
Purchase birdhouses, nesting platforms, birdfeeders and other gifts. Includes a birdhouse selection guide and a birdfeeding guide.
Wildwood Farms, Inc
Manufacturer and distributor of wild bird and squirrel specialty feeds, feeders and housing. Hand-crafted of western red cedar.
Wild Wings Organic Bird Food
Provides organic wild bird food. Birdfeeding tips
Wild Nature
Custom birdhouses made from cedar and gourds
My Country Pets
Provides farm fresh wildbird mixes and feeders
Wild Bird House
Quality bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses along with hummingbird, butterfly, ladybug, bat and wildlife supplies at discount prices with secure online shopping.
Eagle Creek Bird Houses
Tom the bird man offers bird houses and feeders as well as bat houses.
Birding products, backyard birding information and details of US and Canadian destinations.
Bird Baths Unlimited
Supplier of bird baths, drippers, misters and water gardens.
Prairie Premium Products
Bird feeders, seed, books and supplies from the prairie to your home. Requred JavaScript to be Enabled.
The Good Tern
Galveston's only independent wild bird and nature supply store sells a wide array of wild bird products, nature-oriented gifts for children and adults, guide books, and original art.
Birdhouses Unlimited
Birdhouses and Nest Boxes for people who are serious about attracting birds to their property.
Birdhouse Plans and Kits
Birdhouse plans and kits
Wild Bird Store
Offers nest boxes, bird feeders, garden gifts and information on attracting wildlife to your backyard.
Heritage Farms
Squirrel-proof bird feeders, innovative bird feeders, and squirrel feeders.
Ostrich Egg Hummingbird Feeders
Unique hummingbird feeders made from ostrich eggs.
Bird In A Box
This one season bird house is an inexpensive way for schools, youth groups and birding enthusiasts to enjoy, study or raise funds for their organization.
PRDSeed Bird Seed
Nutrition, preference, and value in wild bird seed mix. Delivery, secure online ordering, and wholesale sales available
A variety of bird feeders, bird houses, hummingbird feeders, bat houses, bird baths, squirrel feeders and squirrel proof bird feeders. Plus western cedar dog houses, and outdoor thermometers
Wild Bird Emporium, Inc.
Selection of bird feeders, houses, and baths as well as other birding related products.
Wild Bird Chalet Etc
Bird feeders and bird watching supplies.
C and S Products
Wild bird suets, wooden bird feeders, squirrel and wildlife feeding products for wild birds and birders alike. Features a 'how-to' section on wild bird feeding.
CJ WildBird Foods
Specialists in wild bird food and feeders, foods, nestboxes, seed and peanut feeders for wild birds (including the RSPB Birdcare range) as well as products for hedgehogs, bats, squirrels and other wildlife.
Backyard Wings and Water
Birding and nature store for birdfeeders, window feeders, birdhouses, owl boxes, butterfly and ladybug houses, bat shelters, birdbaths, ponds and water gardens
Natural Technology
Wildlife monitoring systems. Microphones and listening systems for recording, listening and enjoying the sounds of birds and other wildlife from the outdoors.
Bird Feeder Designs Unlimited
Unique copyrighted woodworking design patterns for wild bird feeders, martin houses, squirrel feeders, bird houses, hummingbird arbor
The Birdie Puddle
Pivoting Birdbath mounts easily to trees, balconies, deck posts and walls.
Wild Bird Center of Walnut Creek, California
Stockists of backyard birding supplies and educational material.
The Hummers Bar
Hand crafted and gravity fed Hummingbird feeders made from decorative glass bottles and copper wrap.
Country Lane Bird Feeds
Offers wild bird feed, including suet.
Cherry Valley Feeders
Manufactures cedar bird feeders, bird houses, squirrel feeders, bat, butterfly and ladybug houses.
Wild Bird House
Specializing in backyard birding products, nature gifts, and related supplies.
Native America
Nest boxes, feeders and guards designed to protect native American bird species. Includes product details and online ordering. Sales help to fund research projects, which are also described.
Birdhouses and bird feeders, Truly one of a kind custom handmade woodcraft for yard decorations and the birds.
Lee and Assc
Handcrafted crocheted items dolls and angel dolls and barbie angel doll, also handcrafted birdhouse all styles.
Missouri Heights Manufacturing Co
Fold-up corrigated plastic bluebird house kits.
Cohasset Birdhouses Gift Shop
Hand crafted birdhouses from Coshasset, Massachusetts.
The Backyard Birdstore
Providing everything you need to attract and feed the backyard song birds and turn your backyard into a sanctuary.
Cardinal Corner
A nature wild bird and gift store carrying your backyard and birding needs. Bird feeders, houses, bird seed, decorative housing, gifts, Burts Bees products, squirrel proofing, and squirrel feeding.
Lawn and garden products, from a cedar bird feeder to concrete statuary.
The Bird Beakin' LLC
Manufactures and sells Maine lighthouse bird feeders and accessories.
Wild bird feeders, houses, baths, squirrel proof bird feeders and nature gifts
Carrs Natural Feeds
Offers natural feeds for pigeons, chickens, wild birds, poultry and fishing.
The Hummingbird Web Site
Behavior, nests, identification, gardens and flowers for hummingbirds and photos.
Duncraft Wild Birdfeeder Catalog
Offers many wild bird products including squirrel-proof solutions, haven, platform, tubular, window, hopper, post, globe, and hummingbird feeders, birdhouses, birdbaths, birdseeds, suet, and gifts.
Redbarn Wild Bird Products
Supplying a range of unique bird feeds from our Macclesfield shop or by mail order
Birdhouses by Laura
Handpainted,decorative birdhouses all handcrafted from the finest hardwoods. Designs such as Country Fruit Stands, Pretty Florals, Rustic Knotholes,Contemporary and Bright Far Out Florals.
Backyard Birds
Complete information on bird houses, feeders, food, landscaping and books. Also wild bird store and BirdCam.
Looker Products, Inc
Manufacturer of wooden bird houses, feeders, and baths. Steel squirrel proof bird feeders and squirrel feeders. Window feeders and assorted lawn & garden products.
RollerFeeder is a highly crafted squirrel proof bird feeder specifically designed for smaller birds such as chickadees, nuthatches, and finches and also keeps away unwanted pest birds such as starlings & blackbirds.
Purple Martin Houses Etcetera
Sells quality purple martin houses and provides helpful information on attracting purple martins and managing your purple martin house.
Eclectic in Nature
The Durable Squirrel is the ultimate small animal feeder designed to prevent squirrels from interfering with and damaging your bird feeders.
Bird on a Wire
Top flight bird feeding supplies, including bird feeders, books, accessories, baths, suet, and gifts. Folk Art Gallery with hand crafted art from Quebec and the Maritimes
Fifth Day Creations
Features an online bird store and online community.
Jen Berg Birdhouses
Custom designed and hand painted birdhouses of your own home.
The Bird Hut
offers hand crafted decorative bird houses & bird feeders built to Audubon Society and U.S. Fish and Wildlife recommended specifications.
Offers 16 varieties of wild bird seed, custom blends and also bird feeders.
Sells home made bird houses.
Hollowood North Studios
Bird houses formed from hollow logs which make homes for cavity dwelling birds.
The Potting Shed
The beehive composter and the double story dovecote with six nest areas.
Berkeley Rustic Birdhouses
Berkeley Rustic Birdhouses is a manufacturer and retailer of unique, rustic, and patinated weathered birdhouses and birdfeeders.
Hummingbirds Forever
A nature store for hummingbird lovers.
The Backyard Bird Company
Birdhouses, birdfeeders, bat and butterfly houses. Hummingbird and butterfly feeders. Family-run company offering high quality handcrafted nature products.
The Birdhouse Shop
A fine selection of birdhouses for indoor and outdoor use. Also American Indian crafted birdhouses
Avian Housing Company
Wide variety of reasonably priced bird houses and feeders.
The Bird Shed
Offers a large selection of bird feeders, bird houses and supplies.
Just For The Birds
Online shopping for bird feeders, bird houses, and bulk beef suetballs.
Artistic Natural Creations
Bird houses, feeders and baths made with natural, organic and recycled materials.
Bird N'Garden Village
Quality wild bird, gardening and nature products at the best prices. The latest products and largest selection. Feeders, baths, sundials, statuary, and garden accessories.
Bird City Bird Seed
Sells wild bird seed mixes. Based in Bird City, Kansas.
Featuring bird feeders and related gifts. A portion of every purchase is contributed to charitable causes that concern bird preservation.
RM Works
Bird feeders from Perky-Pet, Kfeeders and Duncraft.
Over the Mountain Designs
Our line of handmade, hand painted bird feeders and birdhouses are quality products made from eastern white pine, painted using water based exterior paint and sealant.
Lucinda & Co
Author of Enchanting Woodland Birdhouses. Examples and sales of her signature birdhouses and unique pet portraiture.
Wild Bird Mart
Wild bird products and accessories to attract garden birds to your backyard.
Birders Nook
Bird houses bird feeders and bat houses made from eastern white cedar. They make a great gift for anniversary, birthday and house warming
Woodcraft kits from Klassic Kits
Gazebo bird feeder and house combo wood craft kit.
Backyard Bistros
Unique, high capacity bird feeders.
Mulberry Designs
Elegant birdhouses and birdfeeders, copper topped or natural wood, classic designs.
Natural Heritage Enterprises
Offers wood duck nesting boxes.
J.J. Cardinal's
Mid-Michigan source for products and information for those who enjoy the care and feeding of wild birds. Also, specialists in natural gardening to attract and support wildlife
Healthy Squirrel Food
Specializing in high protein corn products as well as squirrel and bird feeders.
Wild Bird Habitats
Offers bird feeders and houses, hummingbird feeders and other birding products for backyard fun. Located in Texas, ships in contiguous USA. .
Wild Birds Forever
A nature store featuring wild bird feeders, birdhouses, birdseed, hummingbird feeders, nature gifts and free tips on how to attract backyard birds.
Wild Bird Gardens
Bird feeders, bird baths, bird feed, garden supplies
The Backyard Nature Store
Information, instructions and products to help you bring nature into your backyard!
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