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Progressive Growth Garden Supply & Hydroponics
Hid lighting, hydroponic systems, ph, nutrients, and reflectors. BC,Canada.
Features a complete line of grow lights, hydroponic gardens and growing supplies.
Superior Growers Supply
Carries europonic, aeroponic and educational hydroponic products. TCS Hydroponics - Specializes in indoor gardening, with a line of grow lights, hydroponic systems, supplies, organic fertilizer, and natural pest control.
LightYears Indoor Garden Supply
HID lights, ventilation systems, hydroponic systems, plant nutrients, and custom-made equipment. Serving all of southern BC and Albetra.
Discount Hydroponics
Sells grow lights, nutrients, systems, pest control, blowers and all of your hydroponic accessories.
Living Tapestries
Flowers and gardening: landscaping fence is vertical gardening design for small spaces.
Light's Distributing
Lighting, gardening and hydroponic supplies for both small and large-scale indoor installations. Portland OR.
Hydroponic Garden Supplies
A full line of hydroponic supplies. Complete systems to get you started and the nutrients and rockwool to maintain your exisiting system.
Hydroponics Resource Center
Grower secrets for starting up a home based or commercial hydroponic (indoor gardening) plant business. Ideas for hydroponics startup, maintenance, production, marketing and hydroponic greenhouses.
Interior Gardens
Enjoy full spectrum grow lights and supplies for a year round indoor flower, fruit and vegetable garden. Also hydroponics supplies.
How To Hydroponics
Shows you how to build high performance hydroponic and aeroponic gardens with exciting technology.
Home Harvest Garden Supply
Hydroponic, organic, hobby greenhouse, container and indoor garden supplies. Product information and researched links directory.
Best Grow Lights
Offering grow light systems, components, lamps and accessories.
Harrys Hydroponic Garden Center
Indoor gardening and hydroponic supplies store featuring lighting nutrients growing systems, books and magazines, cloning and propagation supplies. environmental controls, Co2 emitters, and rockwool. Warren, Michigan.
Indoor growing
Grow anything you want indoors fast, efficiently, and you won't even know it is there. No mess or light gets out.
The Grow Station
Hydroponic grow lights, nutrients and supplies. Offers world wide shipping.
Rolling Hills Growing
Offers plans, directions, and information that provide innovative approaches to growing plants. Self-contained grow boxes, hydroponics, aeroponics, and water-cooled lights.
Adirondack Organics and Hydroponics
Indoor-outdoor garden store, carrying a complete line of organic and hydroponic gardening supplies.
Luwasa hydroculture
Interior hydroculture plantscapes, consulting, design and maintenance. commercial - residential.
Offers controlled environment growing systems and technology for specialty crops including hydroponic vegetables, aquaculture and exotic mushrooms.
Sunstreamer Grow Light
High intensity fluorescent light for indoor growing, a cool alternative to metal halides and sodium lighting.
Alabama Hydroponics
Choose from a select group of Hydroponic items at reasonable prices. Home of the Hydroponic Tomato Challenge.
Motherlode Hydroponic
Sources for hydroponic growing & lighting supplies. Angels Camp, Ca.
Home and Garden Life
Guide to style at home with flowers, seeds, plants, arbors, trellises, elements, lights, irrigation equipment, cut flowers, and bulbs. Expert panel tips and tricks.
Hydroponic Reverse Osmosis Systems
Manufactures hydroponic reverse osmosis water treatment systems to lower TDS and improve plant growth.
Gurgle Gardens
Do-It-Yourself articles and information on bananas. Hydroponic supplies and accessories from a limited number of manufacturers.
Lights.com - Metal halide or HPS plant grow light systems that come complete with ballast, reflector & lamp. All plant grow lights are in stock. Free Shipping.
Hydroponic Center Guy Dionne
Offers a complete line of professional quality hydroponic and aeroponic materials, greenhouse management equipment, lighting systems, growing mediums, and fertilizers. Quebec Canada.
Smart Planters
Self-regulating, automatic controlled-watering & nutrient-feeding hydroponics-based planter system.
Greenfire Gardening Supplies
Hydroponic and organic gardeners' supplies for both commercial growers and hobbyists.
Be Well Hydroponics
Hydroponic retail and online shop located in Charlotte, NC. Specializing in lighting, environmental controls, and organic nutrients for the indoor gardener.
Paradise Plants
Offers a variety of indoor tropical flowers and plants, ceramic containers, custom stained glass, original and unique sun catchers, patio accessories, handmade gifts and crafts at reasonable prices.
Better Than Nature
Indoor gardening products and systems. PH, TDS, temperature monitoring systems for commercial gardening, and hydroponic garden greenhouses.
HY Tech Indoor Gardens
Hydroponic, growlight retail supplies including light movers, flood tables, atomospheric control, nutrients organic and synthetic,timers, pumps, insect control, growing media, and accessories.
Vertical Hydroponic Gardening
Showroom, products, services, and assembly sections. Price lists, library, articles, brochures, manuals, technical papers, related sites, location map, and testimonials.
All American Hydroponics
HID grow lights hydroponic systems, pH and conductivity products, and plant food (nutrients) made with an American pride.
Greenfields Hydroponics
High quality indoor and outdoor gardening equipment nutrient control, growth enhancers, pest control, hydroponic systems, growing media, horticultural lighting, and horticulture books.
South Texas Hydroponics
Retail online dealer of hydroponic and aeroponic products, ebb and flow to drip irrigation and air cooled and outdoor lights and lamps
GTG Hydroponics
Provides a wide variety of indoor gardening supplies, grow lights, organic fertilizers, as well as advanced climate and carbon dioxide controllers. Online forum and FAQ.
Discount Garden Supply
Hydroponic equipment, lights, fans, and fertilizers. Spokane, Washington
Future Harvest Development
Manufacturer and distributor of pipe dreams aeroponics systems, holland secret, plantroids, bud boom hydroponics nutrients, timers and controllers and X-stream Pumps.
Advanced Hydroponic Garden
Offers a large selection of hydroponics systems, lights, and supplies. Exclusive US dealer of SuperNutrients. Order online.
Foothill Hydroponics
Everything you need to grow plants indoors, hydroponic systems, nutrient, rockwool, perlite, pumps, and trays. Free expert advice.
Garden Indoors
Specializing in year round gardening. Offering grow lights, and hydroponics equipment.
American Agritech
Manufacturers products for the hydroponic industry. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil
Grow Light Direct
Supplies hydroponic solutions from lighting systems to nutrients.
Bradley Hydroponics
A site dedicated to educational hydroponics and custom design of hydroponic systems. Site includes a online class and shopping mall for hydroponic kits.
Aquamist Hydroponics Products
Great source for hydroponic/aeroponics supplies. Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Palo Alto, CA.
Plant Lighting
Sells grow lights, hydroponics growing systems, organic grow media, plant nutrients and supplements, metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, light timers, gardening supplies, aquarium lights and lamps for the home and commercial g
The Cultivation Station
Offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor gardening products, information on hydroponics and a tip of the month.
Light - Hydroponic grow lights, mylar, timers, bulbs lamps, nutrients, ventilation, hydroponic systems, and odor control.
Gardeners Edge Hydroponics
Online Hydroponics store and portal. Specializes in high-tech gardening supplies. Gainesville, FL.
Horizen Hydroponics
Offering hydroponics, grow lights, nutrients, organics, soil amendments and environmental controls. Ships in USA.
Growco Indoor Gardening
Hydroponic and intense lighting systems plus grow room supplies and nutrients.
Harvest Moon Hydroponics
Supplies for hydroponics. Greenhouses, artificial lighting and new plant varieties.
Hydroponics Garden
Hydroponics, organic and eco-friendly products. Enjoy full spectrum Grow lighting and supplies for your year round indoor garden. Minneapolis, MN.
Offers the easiest-to-use and most affordable complete hydroponic systems, including nutrients, pH kits, and an Ez-grow guide.
Monsees & Company
Grow lights, hydroponic lighting, and indoor gardening supplies
Sea Of Green
Hydroponic and horticultural gardening systems and supplies. Ships in USA.
The Indoor Gardener
Indoor gardening supplies and equipment including lights, hydro systems, trays, benching, nutrients.
BG Hydro
Offer a large selection of indoor hydroponics supplies and systems.
ACI Hydroponics
Complete line of grow lights (HID), light movers, and hydroponic garden equipment.
Homegrown Hydroponics
Offers gardens, lighting, nutrient, propagation, growing media, aeration, garden care, pest controls, and books. Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario & Nova Scotia
GK Industries
All the latest hi-tech indoor growing accessories. Complete GrowKits, lighting, bulbs, aeroponics, and nutrients.
Can Gro
Provides growers with up-to-date information on hydroponic nutrients, climate control, greenhouses, lighting, biological, and pest control. Maple Ridge, B.C Canada.
Hydroponic Equipment
Online catalog includes everything from aeroponics to TDS testing. Hydroponic growing systems, lighting, organic fertilizers, rockwool, books and accessories.
Paradise Gardens
Staff is schooled in horticulture, carries cutting edge technology in growing products, lighting equipment, Hemp Clothing, and FAQs. Ohsweken, Ontario
Full-service hydroponic and organic gardening store. Indoor lighting, many hydroponic systems, nutrients and organics. Culver City, CA.
Hydroponics Growing Center
Everything you need for your indoor garden, including: Grow Lights, hydroponic systems and plant nutrients.
Indoor Gardening Hydroponics
Specializes in hobby sized hydroponic gardens, also offer a full line of UV resistant growing trays, and horticultural lighting.
Western Water Farms
Retail hydroponic shades, light kits, ballasts, nutrients, growth enhancers, rooting gels, flood tables, reservoirs, meters, calibration solutions, pesticides, bacteria, rockwool, soils, pots, hydrostone, and air fresheners
Hydroponic Plans And Systems
Plans to build and comprehensive resource for growing greenhouse vegetables.
North American Greenhouse Supplies
Pipe dreams hydroponics, aeroponics systems, monitoring, testing meters, buckets, and baskets.
Grow Systems
Manufacture grow box products which are used for HID light gardening, well ventilated, light-tight, quiet, lockable, and customizable.
Granite Hydroponics
Hydroponic systems and supplies. Ordering information, monthly specials, aeroponic and hydroponic kits.
Hydroponic Cabinets
Offers cabinets for indoor growing which features dual ventilation units, a 1000 watt light and digital controls for the lighting, pumps and CO2 controls.
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