Bonsai guide

and Plants.

Bonsai By Tiny Trees
Provides bonsai trees, pre-bonsai starters, bonsai tools, bonsai pots, bonsai supplies, accessories, and books.
Tansu Unique Horticulture
Offers a selection of plants, tools, pottery, granite sculpture, clay miniatures, viewing stones and ikebana.
Tokonoma Bonsai
Provides bonsai trees, tools and pottery.
Dallas Bonsai Garden
Offers tools, pots, specimen bonsai, books and figurines.
Guy's Bonsai Northshore
Provides specimen bonsai by Guy Guidry, nursery stock, supplies, suiseki and bonsai classes.
Evergreen Gardenworks
Provides traditional, rare and unusual species of plants for use as bonsai.
Wee Tree Farm
Specializes in imported Japanese and Korean bonsai pottery.
The Bonsai Center
Offers bonsai (indoor and outdoor), books, accessories, mud men, fountains and nursery stock.
Ancient Trees
Growers of bonsai starter plants in 4 inch pots. Plants are mostly native to the northern one third of the U.S. Plants are graded into common bonsai styles.
Newquay Bonsai
Offers bonsai trees and accessories.
Bonsai Of Brooklyn
Offers bonsai, nursery stock, containers, accessories and supplies.
Renaissance Bonsai
Provides a collection of trees which include cedar elm, Korean hornbeam, California coast live oak, Tam juniper and Texas Ashe juniper. Also provides tool and accessories.
Bonsai Northwest
Offers bonsai trees, pots, tools, and supplies.
Northland Gardens Bonsai Centre
Offers bonsai trees, pottery, starter stock, tools, soil and accessories.
RenchCo - Provides tropical, outdoor and specimen bonsai, also provides pots and accessories.
Yamadori Bonsai
Provides bonsai enthusiasts with free information, advice and a forum for buying and selling collected wild bonsai tree stocks. Supplies a wide variety of trees.
BMK Bonsai
Provides books, bonsai trees, supplies, tools and pots.
United World Bonsai
Provides bonsai, including varieties of crape murtle, ficus, jade, horn bean and maple.
Bunabayashi Bonsai
Offers Bonsai tools and books, provides the history of Bonsai and styles of Bonsai.
Provides a range of different bonsai, bonsai material, bonsai tools and bonsai books.
DaSu Bonsai Studios
Offers bonsai, pots, planting stones, tools, books and companion plants.
Offers juniper and other bonsai trees and accessories.
Emperor's Bonsai
Offers bonsai trees, information, care and tips.
Bonsai Etc.
Offers bonsai, bonsai supplies, Japanese maple trees and other Japanese garden products.
Samurai Carving Tools
Specialty tools designed for carving jin and shari in bonsai.
The Authentic Bonsai Company
Provides bonsai and lucky bamboo.
Provides penjing/bonsai material, pots, soil, tools, books, stands and many more bonsai trees.
Mendocino Coast Bonsai
Offers bonsai trees, pots, slabs, stands and an online gallery.
ichi Bonsai - Provides bonsai books, soils, pots, trays, stands and tools.
Bonsai Gardens
Offers full grown bonsai, nursery stock, young trees and starter kits.
Omiya European Online Bonsai Shop
Offers tools, soils, pots and gift sets.
Offers bonsai trees, tools, pots, and accessories.
Manhattan Bonsai
Provides a selection of bonsai trees, evergreen and deciduous.
Midori Bonsai Living Art Creations
Offers bonsai imported from Japan, China and Korea. Deciduous, evergreen and azaleas in a range of sizes and prices.
Bonsai - Provides uniquely hand crafted artificial bonsai trees set in miniature landscapes.
Nine Dragon Pottery & Bonsai
Provides homegrown bonsai, bonsai supplies and art pottery.
Randy's Bonsai & Exotics
Provides bonsai, pots, soil and accessories.
Bonsai Gardens and Pottery
Offering bonsai trees, pots and tools.
Miami Tropical Bonsai
Provides bonsai and pre-bonsai of both traditional and non-traditional species, as well as pots and supplies.
Sleepy Hollow Bonsai
Offers bonsai trees, tools, books, and supplies, as well as tips for the bonsai enthusiast.
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