Cacti resources

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Online catalog for buying cacti.
Sunrise Nursery
Cactus and succulent nursery. Free growing tips and an on-line catalog with photos.
Cactus House
Thailand; sells cacti and succulents: includes gallery and illustrated catalog.
Exotic and rare cacti, succulents, Alluaudia, Lithops, Euphorbia and Gasteria. Growers' guide & plant auctions available.
Cacti Canyon
A variety of Mexican desert plants, such as barrel and fishhook cactus, agave and century plant.
Online seed distributor. Includes palms, cacti, and agave seeds available for sell.
California seller of prickly pear, cholla and other desert cacti.
Desert Gardens
Cactus and succulent dish garden kits.
California Cactus Center
Grower and supplier of hybrid and species cacti and succulents.
Jim Hunter's Epiphyllum Universe
Dedicated to epiphytic cacti. Includes information about epiphyllum care and feeding as well as some cuttings available for sale.
Stone Crop LLC
Retail and Wholesale nursery selling hardy succulents with an emphasis on Sempervivums and Sedums: partially illustrated catalog.
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