Carnivorous on the Net

With a focus on Plants and Plants.

California Carnivores
Sells plants, books, and growing supplies
Sells Nepenthes (pitcher plants) and provides growing tips.
Carnivorous Plant Seeds - Sells seeds for various types of carnivorous plants. Also sells venus fly trap bulb kits.
Niagara Exotics
Canadian-based seller of plants and seeds (mostly sarracenia). Includes a sarracenia photo gallery.
Dangerous Plants
Along with selling carnivorous plants, this company will also buy seeds and plants from growers.
Trap Farm - Fly-Trap Farm grows and sells sundews, pitcher plants, and butterworts. Their specialty is the venus flytrap.
Venus Flytrap Seeds
Sells venus fly trap seeds which can be shipped around the world.
Cook's Carnivorous Plants
Sells many types of carnivorous plants. Inventory changes from time to time.
Sarracenia Northwest
Specializes in growing North American carnivorous plants outdoors. Inventory includes Sarracenia pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts, venus flytraps, and cobra plants.
Meadowview Biological Research Station
A non-profit organization whose plant sales help fund the preservation and restoration of rare wetland plants, habitats and associated ecosystems on the coastal plain of Maryland and Virginia.
Shawn's Carnivorous Plants
Sells carnivorous plants including Nepenthes and Drosera (most are shipped potted).
The Home of Carnivorous Plants
UK based grower and seller of carnivorous plants.
The Amazing Venus Flytrap Store
Owned by Exotic Gardens, sells several types of carnivorous plants and the supplies needed to grow them. The site includes a forum where customers can discuss the growing needs of their purchases.
The CP Jungle
Sells venus fly traps, sundews, pitcher plants, and butterworts. Also sells supplies such as peat moss, charcoal, and Superthrive.
Czech Exotic Plant Society
Czech-based seller of many types of carnivorous plants. Plant list available for download in Excel format.
Peter Pauls Nursery
Individual plants and plant kits for use in a terrarium.
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