Perennials guide

and Plants.

Toadshade Wildflower Farm
New Jersey propagator of wildflowers common to the American Northeast.
Lithuanian breeders and growers of herbaceous and tree peonies selling a variety of species and hybrid peonies, including their own crosses, worldwide.
Country Flower Garden
Virginia-based nursery selling bearded, Siberian and Japanese iris, daylillies and peonies.
Nature's Promise Iris and Peonies
Chinese tree peonies, herbaceous peonies, Chinese herbaceous peonies and iris. Free newsletter.
Canyon Creek Nursery
Northern California nursery specializing in species violets, sweet violets, salvias, dianthus (border pinks), kniphofias (redhot pokers) and decorative oreganos.
California nursery specializing in hardy and tender geraniums, erodiums and pelargoniums.
Primarily Perennials
Michigan nursery offers new and heirloom cultivars of perennial plants, herbs, ornamental grasses, and alpines.
Peony Land
Offers a wide color selection of Chinese Tree Peonies.
Denton Fern Gardens
Texas grower of tropical and temperate ferns.
Specialty Perennials
Offer a wide selection of plants and seeds for sale: Hosta, grasses and seeds. Many links dealing with plants.
Canning Perennials
Ontario seller of unusual perennial plants. Will ship to US.
Bates Gardens
Sells daylilies, perennials, garden and pond supplies.
Dan Majeski Nursery and Garden Center
Sells a range of perennials along with various garden supplies.
The Magic Flower Farm
Growing and selling 'Mother's Magic Flower', a perennial cultivar dedicated to Mothers that blooms in Seconds in the garden while you watch. Building a non profit, a foundation, a children's farm and business place of employment fo
Golden Port International
Importers of Japanese and Chinese cultivars of the tree peony and Chinese cultivars of the herbaceous peony.
C.S. Lockyer Nursery
Offers a wide variety of fuchsias.
Snowpeak Iris and Daylilies
Oregon grower of bearded iris and hybrid daylilies.
Heritage Flower Farm
Wisconsin-based nursery selling heirloom cottage-garden perennials.
Supplier of hostas to gardeners and landscapers.
Sexy Bloomers
Offers a selection of perennial plants and accessories, including unusual and hard to find plants.
Underwood Shade Nursery
Massachusetts nursery which specializes in shade tolerant perennials, ferns and grasses.
Clematis OnLine
Offers different varieties of clematis.
Seneca Hill Perennials
New York nursery specializing in cyclamen, arum, species peonies and hardy South African plants.
Sunshine Farm and Gardens
Seller of perennials, particularly hellebores. Primarily wholesale, but retail samplers are available.
Kings Mums
Sells a wide range of chrysanthemums and gives detailed growing and maintenance information.
Kentucky nursery selling forest grown and sustainably collected North American native forest perennials and wildflowers.
Hibiscus Hut
Specializes in hardy hibiscus plants and seeds. Includes perennial dinner plate hibiscus (H. moscheutos), Rose of Sharon (H. syriacus) and popular annuals.
Manor Nursery
Specializing in interesting and unusual herbaceous perennials and grasses.
Heze Guohua Peony Research Institute
Specializing in Chinese herbaceous peonies and tree peonies. Breeder and grower. Retail and wholesale.
Mail-order and regional nursery specializing in shade-tolerant perennials and the following genera: Hosta, Astilbe, Heuchera, Pulmonaria, Tiarella, Heucherell, Aconitum and Stella-De-Oro Lilies.
Garden Crossings
Sells a variety of perennial plants, specializing in rare perennials and clematis vines.
Jim's Hostas
Iowa seller of a large variety of hybrid and species hostas.
Tile Barn Nursery
UK-based nursery selling seed-raised species cyclamen and cyclamen cultivars bred at the nursery. Will ship worldwide.
Rock Spray Nursery
Sells hardy heath and heather perennial plants, along with conifers.
Hosta Farm.Com
Growers and sellers of hostas, catalogued according to color or leaf variegation.
Roots & Rhizomes
Offers choice Daylilies, Siberian Iris, Hostas, and Perennials.
Mountain Brook Consulting
New Hampshire specialists in antique hybrid and species primroses, as well as historical landscaping consulting services.
Klehm's Song Sparrow Perennial Farm
Wisconsin-based nursery selling peonies, daylillies, irises and a variety of other perennials.
Park Green Nurseries
Retail growers of hostas, ornamental grasses and other hardy perennials located in Stowmarket, Suffolk.
Heze East Flowers Co., Ltd.
Shandong, China-based grower of tree peonies and paeonia rockii.
The Guru Garden
Canadian sellers of plants and seeds, specializing in unusual tender perennial plants. Will ship to US.
The Peony Garden of Center Point, Iowa
Iowa nursery featuring a variety of peonies, particularly antique cultivars.
Popular varieties of perennials, including daylilies (hemerocallis) and hostas.
Sunlight Gardens, Inc.
Major producer and mail-order seller of nursery-propagated wildflowers native to the eastern United States. Has been growing and selling hardy, quality plants for 15 years. Catalog available.
Homestead Farms
Source for daylilies, hostas, peonies, siberian and louisiana iris, and ferns.
Munchkin Nursery & Gardens LLC
Indiana-based nursery specializing in native and exotic woodland plants and rare and unusual shade perennials.
Morning Sky Greenery
Minnesota nursery specializing in North American native perennials and grasses, particularly those native to the prairies of the northern Midwest.
Newbury Daylilies
Illinois-based sellers of daylilies, tall bearded iris, and hybrid lilies.
Peony Meadows
Offers varieties of herbaceous and tree peonies.
Retail and wholesale seller of bare-root hosta, daylilies and companion perennial plants.
Bluestone Perennials
Offers a wide selection of perennials, plants, herbs, ornamental shrubs and bulbs. Option to search by zone and specific plant needs.
Hydrangea Plus
Sells hydrangea offered in two sizes for beginners or the experienced gardener.
Wheeler Farm Gardens
European 'balcony' geranium and varieties of alpine, ivy and zonal tender geraniums (pelargoniums).
Encore Azaleas
Sells a range of different colored azalea plants.
Brushwood Nursery
Offering potted perennials, Clematis and other vines.
Fieldstone Gardens
Maine nursery specializing in select cultivars and unusual species of perennials.
D & B Fuchsia Nursery
Sells a range of fuchsias via mail order in the US.
Dale Berthon Nursery and Farm
Sells perennial flowers for gardeners in USA via online catalog.
JDS Gardens Perennials
Perennials grown in southwestern Ontario. List of recommended plants for various growing conditions.
Eminence Meadows
New York nursery features daylilies, heuchera and hostas, as well as other perennials.
Charlecote Plants
Herbaceous perennials from a family-owned firm.
Silk Purse Farm Perennials
Specializes in hostas and shade perennials.
The Garden Window
Chinese tree peonies imported directly from the Mainland.
The Perennial Gardens
Offers varieties of perennials and botanical bulbs.
Kirshner Landscapes and Nurseries
Pennsylvania nursery selling heather and Golden Bamboo.
Global Gardens
Minnesota seller of a variety of Hostas.
Lazy K Nursery
Grower of American native azaleas, rare woody ornamentals and herbaceous perennials.
Limerock Ornamental Grasses
Pennsylvania growers of ornamental and native grasses, rushes, sedges and perennials.
Peony Garden
Selling tree and herbaceous peonies from the US, Europe, Japan and China.
Rose Franklin's Perennials
Pennsylvania nursery specializing in plants which attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
Hallson Gardens
A retail, mail-order hosta and perennial nursery offering a wide variety of plants for your garden.
Pine Knot Farms
Virginia grower and seller of species and hybrid Christmas Roses and Lenten Roses (Hellebores).
Offer perennial plants for wholesale: clematis(46 species), asarum ,hepatica,peony( 4 var. mix) and phlox.
Pacific Peonies and Perennials
Oregon seller of shrub, tree and intersectional (hybrid of shrub and tree) peonies.
Perennial Mart
Perennials that are easy to grow, hardy, and last for years. Perennial bulbs, herbaceous perennials, gardening books, and garden art.
Dogwood Farm
Indiana seller of hostas and other shade-loving perennials.
Garners Garden Plants
Sells fuchsias and other garden plants.
Fancy Fronds Nursery
Washington-state based nursery selling temperate-climate ferns hardy in a variety of moisture conditions.
Grasslands, Inc.
Offers organically grown Sweetgrass plants for sale.
The Primrose Path
Pennsylvania hybridizer and seller of choice Tiarella, Heuchera, Heucherella, Primula and Asarum, as well as other shade plants.
Killdeer Farms Geraniums
Washington seller of tender geraniums (pelargoniums), zonal, ivy, species and fancy-leaved.
Heaths and Heathers Nursery
Offers a large variety of hardy heaths and heathers from the United States.
Ward Lake, Inc.
Colorado grower and seller of a sod product consisting of wildflowers rather than grass. Most flowers are prairie natives, with some exotics.
Baldwin Lake Perennials
Minnesota grown perennials. Specializing in hosta and daylilys.
Sweetgrass Plants
Sells this rare perennial grass, grown from underground runners.
resistant Landscape Nursery - Sells a range of deer-resistent perennials and shrubs, along with various tools for protecting gardens.
Sellers of rare hostas and daylilies.
La Pivoinerie D'Aoust Peonies
Quebec-based nursery selling field grown herbaceous peonies, including a variety of classic older cultivars. Shipping worldwide.
Naylor Creek
Washington nursery specializing in hostas and shade plants.
Gardens by Olivia
Georgia seller of iris, hosta, daylillies and other perennials.
Sells hardy plants that can be used for pathways and borders.
Chalk Hill Clematis
Sells a wide variety of clematis plants.
Windy Creek Gardens
Offers plants and hard-to-find perennials.
Blue Haven Specialty Perennial Plant Nursery
Mail order nursery specializing in cultivars of Perennial plants, rare named varieties of meconopsis or blue poppies, with many choice and unusual varieties of perennial plants.
Glasshouse Works
Offers an extensive collections of tropicals, perrenials, succulents, trees, shrubs, vines. Online catalogue.
Clematis Nursery
Offers a wide range of clematis plants and vines.
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