Trees guide

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B&E Crape Myrtle Farm
Carolina seller of varieties of crape myrtle with at-maturity heights of one to twenty feet tall.
Crape Myrtle Farms
Florida nursery sells crape myrtle trees, including miniatures for use as houseplants and varieties which are hardy in colder climates.
Trees To
Missouri grower of shade trees, including sweet gum, pine, ash and pin oak.
Madeline's eTrees
Offers a select assortment of rare tropical trees for indoor container growth from Africa, Asia, Central and South America.
Mountain Meadows Dwarf Conifers
North Carolina nursery specializing in dwarf conifers and evergreens,including semi-mature and specimen trees.
Boyd Nursery Company
Male ginkgo trees produced from rooted cuttings.
Hardy Orange Nursery
Selling seedlings of the Hardy Orange/Flying Dragon tree (Citrus triolata) for hedgerow/living fence applications.
Cascade Forestry
Sellers of bareroot shade and native American nut trees, and providers of forestry services.
Trees That Please
Seller of arid-adapted trees sourced primarily in New Mexico.
Glen Flora Farms
Texas grower and seller of container-grown shade trees. Minimum shipping amount within Texas is 50 trees; without is 100.
Hybrid Poplar Trees
Retailer for hybrid poplar trees, as well as other landscape trees, including maples, tulip tree and white oak, and willows (including Coyote willow) for stream erosion control.
Select Seedling Nursery
Sellers of cold-hardy saskatoonberry and native cherry seedlings as well as shelterbelts adapted for the prairies of Canada and the northern United States.
Mountain Maples
California specialist in Japanese maples.
Elm Research Institute
Seller of the Dutch-Elm-Disease-resistant American Elm cultivar 'Liberty Elm'.
Arbor Ridge Tree Farm
Navasota, Texas: Wholesale sales. Includes products, prices, and location.
North Country Tree Nursery
New York nursery selling white cedar trees in 14- or 18-tree minimum lots.
Trees USA
Wholesale tree nursery offers price list and ordering via phone or email.
Targeted towards homeowners, offers customized fertilizers, soil additives, specialized pruning tools, seeds, and books about trees and shrubs.
American Forests' Historic Tree Nursery
Sellers of cuttings and seedlings of famous and historic trees.
Riveredge Farms
Selling the Dutch-Elm-disease-resistant 'Princeton' cultivar of the American Elm tree.
Commonwealth Plants
Virginia nursery selling grafted Japanese maple cultivars, seeds and seedlings. Retail and wholesale.
Jonsteen Trees and Seedlings
Offers tree seedlings for reforestation, conservation, and living Christmas trees.
Botany Shop Garden Center
Retail nursery selling Thuja Green Giant conifer cultivar, Red Maples, disease-resistant Valley Forge American elm cultivar, butterfly bush (buddleia) and other new plant hybrids. Shipping only within the 48 contiguous United S
Dragon Trees
Offers Paulownia trees, of species Kawakamii, Elongata, and Fortunei. Also has information and history of these trees.
Miyama Asian Maples
California breeder and grower of Asian (Japanese) maples.
World Tree Technologies, Inc.
Arizona sellers of various species of Pawlonia trees.
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