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Nursery selling the Golden Lotus - Musella Lasiocarpa at the flowering stage, in Europe and Worldwide.
Nature Perfect
Distributors and wholesalers of braided bamboo, lucky bamboo (dracaena), money tree (pachira), bonsai, hydroponics, grow lights, and indoor house plants.
Kipapa Nursery
A Hawaiian plant nursery located, on the Island of Kauai, providing many tropical plant varieties including ocean tolerant plants.
Guy Wrinkle Exotic Plants
Offers a range of rare of succulents, cycads, bromeliads, orchids and other tropicals.
Ransom Gardens
Texas-based nursery selling bananna trees, brugmansia and passiflora.
Palm Farm
Sells tropical indoor plants and palms for gifts and house decor.
Order cycads including encephalartos, dioon, cycas, zamia, xanthorrhoea, ceratozamia, and other rare tropical plants, books and artwork on cycads, palms and other tropical plants
Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants
Washington-state nursery specializing in Passiflora (passionflowers), tropical bulbs and protea.
Logee's Greenhouses
Offers a sampling of many rare and unusual flowering plants for home, sunroom, patio, and conservatory display.
Lauray of Salisbury
Connecticut grower of tropical plants, including orchids, gesneriads, begonias and cacti.
Gardino Nursery
Nursery that specializes in growing a variety of rare and unusual tropical plants.
D & S Tropics
Company offering lucky bamboo, bonsai, dish gardens and tropical gifts
Earthcare Enterprises
Queensland, Australia based nursery growing tropical bamboos, gingers, aquatics and other tropical plants. International orders available, but at significant cost. Cannot ship some bamboos to the US.
Big Plant Nursery
Nursery specializing in hardy exotic and architectural plants.
Packer Nursery
Suppliers and growers of cycad and palm seedlings; specializing in Areca, Bamboo, Fishtail, Lady, Parlour and Pygmy Date palms.
Stokes Tropicals
Sells a range of tropical plants, including bananas, gingers, Helconias and Plumeria.
Banana Garden
A nursery specializing in rare banana trees, decorative bananas as well as production bananas. Online ordering with worldwide shipping available.
Treeborne Gardens
Sells Bromeliads and Tillandsias, for home decorating, over the Internet.
Paradise Plants
Specializing in tropical hydroponic plants and supplies.
The Green Escape
Growers of cold hardy and tropical palm species shipping container-established palms.
Passion Flower Farms
Georgia based nursery selling a variety of subtropical and tropical species and cultivars of the genus Passiflora (Passionflower).
Utopia Palms and Cycads
Australian nursery selling palms and cycads as seed and seedlings, both domestically and internationally.
Highland Heliconia
Costa Rican bulk seller of tropical plants
Cal West Tropical Supply
Specializes in products for growing orchids.
Cycad Sanctuary
Cycad Sanctuary is dedicated to the preservation and propegotion of these ancient, beautiful plants. A wide selection of rare species.
Exotic plant nursery, located in Bristol England, offering bananas, palms, treeferns, aroids, cannas, gingers, climbers, bamboo, succulents, pond marginals and aquatics.
Tropic Garden of Germany
Wuppertal, Germany grower specializing in tropical and marginally winter-hardy plants.
Banana Tree
Grower and seller of tropical bulbs, plants and seeds, including gingers and heliconia.
Fancy Hibiscus
Florida nursery selling a variety of hybrid and species hibiscus.
Madagascar Tropicals
Nursery offering Platycerium (Staghorn) ferns and Epiphytes for sale or rental.
Tropical Gardens Nursery
Retail nursery and garden center selling herbs and ornamental grasses.
Yucca International
Sells plants of the species yucca. It contains information on many of the sub species as well. Included is also information on winter hardiness and type availability.
Lucky Bamboo
Selling Lucky Bamboo by the stem or ready made arrangements and dish gardens.
Taro and Ti Farm
Florida nursery selling a variety of Taro plants (the source of poi), Ti leaf plants, gingers and other tropicals.
Almost Eden
The source for beautiful, unusual, and exotic plants. - Offering a wide selection of unusual and exotic plant varieties for homes and gardens. Bonsai, hummingbirds, butterflies, terrariums, atriums, and greenhouses also available.
The Palm Shop
Offering a wide range of exotic and rare palm trees for both indoors and out. Free palm tree problem solving and growing guides available.
Elmore Ferns
Nursery specializing quality staghorn ferns. Available for sale are superbum, hellii, and veitchei in pots and mounted on boards and drift wood. Other ferns are also available.
Tropic Plants
Sells a range of orchids and bromeliads.
Dugger Hill Plumerias
Grower of Plumerias(frangipani)located in Central Texas. Plumerias are exotic tropical plants and the plumeria flowers are used for making Hawaiian leis.
Palm Seedlings
Offering a variety of palm and cycad seedlings for sale.
Airplants Unlimited
A variety of Tillandsias, commonly known as airplants, available for on-line ordering.
Walker's Exotic Tropicals
Louisiana seller of tropical and sub-tropical plants such as orchids and plumerias, bromeliads, gingers, bananas.
Living Green Plantscape Design
Living Green Plantscape Design brings you an eclectic selection of artifacts, specimen tropical foliage and objects reflecting the wonder and simple beauty of Nature.
Bentley Tropicals Nursery
Wholesale tropical nursery. Landscape design and installation. Seedling propagation and contract growing.
Bougainvillea Growers Incorporated
South Florida grower of bougainvillea in a variety of sizes from baskets to full-grown trees.
Peaceful Puddle
Lucky Bamboo-Mist Makers-Cool Fountains - Quality Lucky Bamboo and all of the accessories. Curly bamboo, natural bamboo, tiers and levels. Mist Makers, rolling sphere fountains, wall fountains, hardy cacti and more.
Dunaway's Nursery
Tropical and subtropical plants, including a variety of gingers.
Airplants R Us
Offers airplants (Tillandsias) as bareroot kits or combined with decorative items.
Shivalik Seeds Corporation
Exporter and supplier of plant materials from India including tree seeds, plants, herbs, crude drugs, palms, bamboos, conifers, and neem.
Ez PALMS .com
Wholesale and retail specializing in container and field grown indoor and outdoor palm trees and tropical, ornamental, rare plants, and foliage.
Hidden Valley Hibiscus
Sells wholesale and retail modern exotic tropical grafted hibiscus.
Tropical Babies
Online nursery offers mail-order tropical plants including philodendrons, colocasia, calathea, alocasia, and amazonica in a range of varieties.
Native Habitat Inc.
Tropical fruits, herbs, spices, medicinal and decorative plants.
Alannah's Greenhouses
A mail-order specialist for African Violets, Gesneriads, Begonias, Streptocarpus, Geraniums, and other unusual tropical houseplants. Government inspected for shipment worldwide.
Floribunda Palms And Exotics
Selling rare palms and cycads from tropical and sub-tropical areas world-wide as well as more common varieties.
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