Water resources

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Hill Country Water Gardens
Texas seller of tropical and temperate waterlilies and bog plants, as well as other pond supplies.
Sellers of hardy water lillies, aquatics and marginals.
Water Tropicals
Florida sellers of tropical and temperate waterlillies and marginals.
William Tricker, Inc.
Offers plants, fish and supplies for water gardens.
Tropical Pond and Garden
Offers a variety of plants including tropic and temperate waterlilies, bog plants, irises, lotus, and cannas. Pond supplies also available. Some varieties hybridized by seller.
Crystal Palace Perennials
Indiana-based nursery specializing in aquatic and water's-edge plants, such as water iris.
Hawaiian Watergardens
Hawaii-based grower and seller of waterlilys, marginals, lotus and orchids.
eWater Lily.com
Waterlillies, lotus and other aquatics as well as Louisiana iris.
Texas seller of subtropical and temperate water lilies and marginals.
Florida seller of semi-tropical and hardy pond plants.
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