Koi guide

and Water Gardens.

White Water Filters
Offers a Koi accessory called LymnoZyme to prevent disease. Provides pond design, installation and pond supplies.
Offers Koi food, filters, UV sterilizers, water and air pumps, PVC valves, testing kits and a Koi gallery
Pan Intercorp
Importers of Koi from Japan. Offers reference materials, filter systems, health, nutrition, shows and events
Springbrook Koi Farm
Wholesale and retail Domestic Koi farm, and also supply liners, filter systems, food, and medications.
Koi Water Garden Ltd
Specialises in importing Japanese Koi carp, offers information on Koi stocks, water testing, foods and health products
Koi Village
Water garden shop providing ponding products and koi.
Peters And Sons Koi And Pond Supply
Contains fish photographs, offers Koi food and pictures by Dan Rutledge
Long Island Koi Co.,Inc.
Offers Koi for sale, filters and a live Koi cam.
Koi By Keirin
Offers imported Japanese Koi, information on Koi types with photographs and Koi of the month. Also contains filtration, heater and pond supplies.
Pinan Koi
Offers Koi stock, pond construction, medication, food and equipment.
R&B Koi Health and Pond
Offers, koi, pond supplies, maintenance services, and information..
Koi World USA
Specialises in importing Japanese Koi carp, offers information on Koi stocks, water testing, foods and health products.
Brett's Fish Farm
Offers information on breeding and sales of championship quality Japanese koi.
Yume Nishikigoi
Supplies Japanese Koi (Nishikigoi) from breeders who are listed. Provides information on ponds and water hardness.
Koi And Kin
Offers a variety of fish from both large and small Japanese breeders. All fish are quarantined on arrival and rested for several weeks after their trip
Thompson Aquatic Gardens
Offers Koi for sale with Japanese Koi prices and domestic Koi prices.
Koi And Pond Supplies From Dai Suki
Offers a gallery, Koi foods and medication, pond medication and water treatments.
Quality Koi
Provides Koi from Japanese breeders in all sizes and varieties. Also, products and equipment for Koi ponds
Fancy Koi Outlet
Japanese Koi and pond supplies, contains information on fish, water pumps, medication, bacteria, filters, food, water test kits, liners and books.
Dragon Koi
Offers Koi sales, contains information on aquatic plants, design and installation and a visit to other ponder's places.
Koi Pond Feeders
Offers automated feeders for Koi and ornamental fish
Eastern Nishikigoi
Offers Koi sales, products, catalog request, food and pumps.
Koi Clay
Bentonite/montmorillonite clay to replace the minerals in your pond
Koi And Pond Supplies
Offers pumps, heat exchangers, UV's, fish medicines, fish food, water treatments and pond liners.
Breckland Koi
Provides a forum and club, offers information on pumps, feeding, water testing and pond heating.
The Koi Supply/
Food and supplies for Koi
Koi Living Jewels - Offers information on algae, ill fish, food, pumps and equipment. Also offers consultation and maintenance
The American Nishikigoi Center
Offers information on selling or searching for Koi items up for bid and various topics pertaining to Koi. Contains photographs of Koi from shows and dealers.
Werner's Waters
Offers advise and resources on Koi, ponds, water gardens, pumps, filters and accessories.
Offers a product to help prevent Koi ulcer disease caused by Aeromonas, also contains user comments.
Paul's Koi And Pond Supplies
Offers Koi stock with photographs.
Contains Koi history, breeding, age, weight, growth, varieties and videos. Also offers pond plants, books and filtration systems.
Importers of Japanese Koi fish for sale, offers pond liners, filters, pond kits and Koi photographs
Evolution Aqua
Offers a Koi mechanical filter system with technical specifications, operating manual and testimonials. Contact to arrange a free demonstration.
Koi Fish Ponds
Offers Koi sales and information on building a Koi pond. Provides liners, pumps, drains, filtration, heaters, water quality and feeding products.
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