Waterscaping guide

and Water Gardens.

Sequoyah Stone
Provides artificial stone that weighs 1/10 of natural stone.
White Mountain Plastics
24 Inch, 6 paddle and 30 Inch, 8 paddle water wheels
Exotic Aquatics Watergardens & Fountains
watergardening & fountain supplies.
Pondbiz.com is your best source for pond and water garden products at very competitive prices.
Level Wizard
Complete kits to control water levels of fountains and ponds. Ends drying out or overflow. Works over hills and mounts up to 100 feet away.
Healys Landscaping and Materials
Landscaping products, including mulch, soil amendments and stones.
One Weekend Waterfall Video
Design, create and enjoy your own backyard water feature. Easy to follow, step-by-step process, everything you need to know to design and build your own backyard waterfall. VHS color/stereo
Rock Creations of New Mexico
Instructional video on building natural-looking concrete waterfalls, decorative patios/walkways, and retaining boulders.
Yard Ponds
Supplies to create a backyard water feature, garden or pond. Shipping to the United States and Canada.
PondScape... Ponds, Streams, & Waterfalls
Design and install Aquascape ProPond Ecosystem©. Also offers pond kits, filtration, and accessories.
Redwood Bridge Company
Redwood bridge kits for ponds and creeks, made by Master Carpenter Company.
Clearwater Landscape Design
Provides landscape services and examples of their work.
Wholesale and Retail Aquatic Plants
Aquatic plants including water lilies and bog plants
Waterfalls, pools and ponds
Waterfalls, pools, ponds and estate landscaping. Japanese and oriental gardens.
Wet Spot Aquatics
Tropical and hardy water lilies and marginal aquatic plants for your water garden.
Ponds & Plants
Purchase aquatic plants online.
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