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The ABC's of Christmas

A is for Angel, on top of the tree,
B is for Bell, ringing merrily.
C is for Candy, a real Christmas treat,
D is for Decorations, that can't be beat.
E is for Elf, who helps Santa, it's true,
F is for Fun, and Festive too!
G is for God, who sent down His Son,
H is for Home, where our fun's just begun!
I is for Icicle, hanging from the roof,
J is for Joy, and that is the truth.
K is for Kris Kringle, who comes on Christmas eve,
L is for Love, in this we believe.
M is for Manger, where the Christ child lay,
N is for Noel, we sing on Christmas Day.
O is for O Holy Night, when Jesus was born,
P is for Peace, for all on Christmas Morn.
Q is for Quest, of the Wisemen that night,
R is for Rudolph, whose nose is so bright!
S is for Snow, which falls to the ground,
T is for Tree, where gifts can be found.
U is for Unselfish, which is what we should be,
V is for Visit, from Santa, to you and me.
W is for World, let peace be found here,
X is "X"cited, as Christmas draws near.
Y is for Yuletide, being happy and gay, and,
Z is for Zoom, as Santa flies away!

So here are the ABC's of Christmas for you,
I hope you enjy them the whole year through!

Submitted by:

Kathy Bennett
133 Meadow Drive Gordonsville, TN 38563