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Angel "body"  
8" long x 6" high piece of tulle (Lace, tulle and satin ribbon should be same color) 
8" long x 3" high piece of lace 
1/8" satin ribbon 
1/8" ribbon with gold edging 
mini-craft pearls 
ribbon roses, any color 
craft glue 

Fold tulle in half and sew to the top edge of lace. Stay stitch along top edge of lace.  
Pull threads to gather lace tightly. Wrap around angel at the waist and sew ends together. 

Wrap gold-edged ribbon around wing frame and secure ends of ribbon underneath with glue.  

Loop gold-edged ribbon from waist over each shoulder and secure with glue. 

Glue pearls onto hands and up around arms underneath head. Glue pearl "halo" onto head.  
Glue two 6" strands of pearls onto front of hands and then secure one strand with glue  
onto each side of the skirt about 3/4" from bottom. 

Make bow in middle of each 12" piece of satin ribbon and 12" piece of gold-edged ribbon.  
Glue bows over pearls to cover hands and glue ribbon ends to same spot as the pearls on  
side of skirt. Glue a ribbon rose on each side of skirt and one onto front of ribbon bows  
covering hands.

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