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        Materials needed: 

     scissors jar lid, regular size 
     tacky white glue 
     lace fabric 
     satin ribbon,1/4 & 1/8" 
     lace trim.11/3 yd 
     rubber bands 
     gold cord for hanger 
     thin bladed paring knife 
     4" styrofoam ball 
     fabric for lining 
     string of pearls trim,11/4 yd. 
     sheer fabric for rosettes 
     straight pins 
     fine wire 


1.) Section off 4" styrofoam ball into four sections with rubber bands. Each section should measure about 31/8 inches at the widest part. With a paring knife score each section by pressing the knife about 1/4" deep into the styrofoam ball, along beside the rubber bands.  Leave rubber bands in place; they will slip down into the grooves out of the way, yet act as a guide for punching the fabric.  

2.) Using pattern as a guide, cut four each of lining fabric and lace; set aside.  

3.) Run a line of glue completely around one section of the ball; then punch in the lining fabric. Be certain to smooth out all the tucks in the fabric. Run another line of glue over existing glue, then place lace on top of lining and punch into the grooves in the same manner as the lining fabric. Do all four sections of the ball the same way. During this process, the knife should flow smoothly into the  groove lines.  

4.) To make cord hanger, fold gold cord in half. Knot ends together. Select one end of ornament as top. Put a generous amount of glue in center top of ball and using toothpick, punch cord down into body of ball. Set aside on jar ring to dry.  

5.) Cut lace trim into eight 6" lengths. Glue two lengths of lace together, overlapping flat sides with ruffles together.  Repeat with remaining 6   pieces of lace, making 4 separate double-ruffled pieces of lace. Cut four 6" lengths of pearls and glue one strand of pearls to each center section  of the double ruffled pieces of lace. Set aside to dry.  

6.) Lay each of four strands of pearls into loops. Wire end together witli fine wire. Attach to ball at top between lace trim, using straight pin and glue.  Use same procedure for eight loops of ribbon, attaching at random on top of ornament.  

7.) To make rosette, cut one 14" long by 3" wide strip of sheer fabric. Fold strip in half lengthwise. Pin together along raw edges. To make edges of rosette curve inward, start stitching in a curved fashion at one end, tapering up to 1 /4" from raw edge, then finishing in a curved fashion, tapering down to opposite end. With thread still in place, gather fabric up until it is no longer than five inches. Put bead of glue along stitch line; then begin to roll tightly for about three turns, rolling more loosely as outside of rosette is formed. Hold in hand for a while until glue  sets. Attach with pins around top of ornament, keeping hanging cord free.  

8.) To make tassel, lay 4" of purchased fringe trim on a flat surface. Apply bead of glue to top area (where threads are stitched together.) Lay toothpick on top of fringe so toothpick extends one inch out of the top of the tassel. Roll fringe around toothpick tightly. Set aside to dry.  

9.) To attach tassel, put drop of glue at bottom of ornament. Then pin sheer fabric circle over glue, covering bottom of ornament. Put drop of glue on end of toothpick protruding from tassel, then push that end up into bottom of ornament.

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