How to Make Eggnog-

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  Barnes Family Recipe originating in the Albemarle Sound area of North Carolina 


 Submitted by: Charley Barnes 
Used with Permission 
        This makes approximately one gallon of egg nog.
        Separate the yolks and whites of 9 eggs and set the yolks aside.
Add 1 1/2 cups of sugar to the yolks and beat with a mixer until smooth.
Then add 2 quarts of half and half, beating all the while.  Follow that with
two half pints of heavy cream, again mixing all the while.
        Now comes the critical part.  Add a fifth of bourbon and a half pint
of Myers dark rum.  You must add the liquor very slowly, pouring it slowly
over the beaters and stopping often to completely blend the entire mix with
the beaters.  Otherwise, you will burn (curdle) the cream. 
        Once all the liquor is added set the mixture aside, clean the
beaters and return to the egg whites.  Beat the whites until stiff.  Then
blend in 3/4 cup sugar while continuing to beat the whites.  Once all the
sugar is added, blend the stiffened whites with the previous mixture.  Put
in a gallon plastic jug and store in the refrigerator.  Initially it will be
quite sweet, but it mellows (ferments) with time.  I usually let mine age at
least two weeks, but you can get by with one week if you are desperate.
        Pour into a bowl and beat again before serving, adding two more 1/2
pints of heavy cream.  Have nutmeg available to add to cups of egg nog as
they are served for those that like it.