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The Christmas Madonna
By Florence

God is a all-knowing and loving friend.

One Christmas year was a very, very, hard one for our family. This is the year that CT was hit very hard with the new state income tax. I did what I could to give what we could for the children. We had no help from any outside charity sources. My husband and I did not give one another any gifts at all. We could not afford to do so.

Christmas Eve had come, and I realized that I did not have enough wrapping paper for the few gifts I gave to my children. I went to our apartment basement and found on the floor Christmas wrapping paper left ages ago from other renters. I also found in the corner some very nice boxes left in the corner surrounded by other wrapping paper. Since we rented a duplex, I checked with my upstairs neighbors if they knew of them. They said no, but I was welcomed to check it out. I called the landlady, and she told me to keep what I found.

In one box many Christmas decorations were found. The second box had five red reindeer. There was a large box. and when I opened it a large golden paper mache madonna came out. I held that madonna in my hands as if God had handed me a gift from heaven. What a blessed miracle! Of all the years I lived there I saw those boxes, but I never touched them. It was a gift from God when I needed it the most.

May everyone's Christmas have such beautiful blessed meaning's and miracles happen for them.

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