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Master.com helps Santaland.com

Answer Children’s Christmas Queries

Master.com is proud to provide the search service that allows children and their families to find just what they’re looking for on Santaland.com this Christmas season. Master.com, which offers free remotely hosted applications for webmasters, also provides Santaland.com with a monitoring service to make sure the site is running well.


The oldest Christmas-related site on the Web, starting as a Gopher site in 1991, Santaland.com, www.santaland.com, invites children and adults to send a holiday card, chat online with Santa Claus or send him an email, rate toys, sing carols and find fun activities for the entire family.


“The reliability Master.com gives us is essential to keeping our visitors happy. Kids and their families don’t want to wait to talk to Santa. We must offer our visitors a reasonable response time and Master.com’s Watchdog service allows us to do just that,” said Jeff Guide, owner of Santaland.com. “And of the three or four search engines I’ve tried, Master.com is the best because it captures more information and presents it in a cleaner, simpler format.”


Santaland.com is an Internet service company providing year-round Christmas-related family content with connectivity to major suppliers of gifts, arts and crafts, apparel and other goods and services. The site offers gift shopping, holiday recipes, crafts, music, original holiday stories, electronic greeting cards and a variety of children’s activities.


Master.com provides its services free to website managers and designers to enhance their sites with the advanced features found on large portals. There is no software to install and Master.com seamlessly integrates with users’ own websites, duplicating the sites’ look and feel. Master.com offers its application services for free in order to acquaint users with the Texis software behind the various website features. Master.com is a majority-owned subsidiary of Thunderstone – EPI, Inc., the producer of Texis. .


The advanced features website managers and designers can access through master.com include Search the Web, Search Your Site, Message Board, Stock Quotes, Auction and Classifieds, Feedback Manager, Custom News, Poll Maker, and Form Maker. Two recently added services are Calendar, which keeps users informed of site-related events and allows users to post events on public calendars within the site, and Watchdog, which alerts managers to website performance difficulties and provides detailed error reports including connectivity statistics.


Master.com serves ads on one of every two pages it hosts. Currently only pages with user advertising receive ads.

Of the eleven free services, only the auction feature has a fee structure, related to the total value of online sales. There is no charge to browse, bid on or buy items listed through master.com, but fees are charged to list and sell items via auction. Fees are planned for other services only when users’ requirements exceed the basic free service.


About Santaland.com:

Santaland.com began in November 1991 as an internal Gopher site for a national online service and went on the Internet a month later as an experimental project to test public interest in the Internet. In 1994, Santaland.com was established as a public Internet website. It is the oldest and one of the most heavily visited Christmas-related Internet site on the web with more than one million unique visitors expected from October to December 2000.  Contact:  Jeff Guide – 703-878-0727 or jeffguide@santaland.com


About Master.com:

Established in June 2000, Master.com seeks to become the premiere provider of application services to websites. Master.com offers an extensive collection of enterprise-class web applications from Thunderstone – EPI, Inc. which are appropriate for any medium- to large-size website and are well-suited for business-to-business sites and exchanges. The services provide much of what is needed to build a community around point-to-point ecommerce.


About Thunderstone – EPI, Inc.:

Thunderstone is an independent R&D company that has provided state-of-the-art solutions to intelligent information retrieval and management problems for more than 19 years. Daily, more Internet searches are conducted using Thunderstone software than any other package. Thunderstone has more than 1,000 licensed customers using its flagship product, Texis, the most comprehensive text retrieval and publishing software. Customers include Amazon.com, Associated Press, AT&T, Barrons Magazine, Dow Jones & Company, Ebay, Go2net.com, Hewlett Packard, Home Shopping Network, Hotjobs.com, Isearch.com, McDonnell Douglas, Network Publishing Inc. (NPI), Novell, QVC, Pacific Telesis Group (PACTEL), Sandia National Labs, The BBC, The Smithsonian, Upside Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Weather.com and Ziff Davis-ZDNet.