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Dear Santa,

My 7 year-old has not asked for much. And I'm very proud of her. She knows the meaning of Christmas. My problem is that I am out of work for a while taking care of my sick mother. And I don't know how I am going to get the few things that my daughter wants, and pay my bills. My husband works. But the money he makes pays for us to have a place to live and food to eat.

If you can, Santa, just say a prayer for us. That will help a lot.


It would be my pleasure - and honor - to pray for you, Juanita.

In fact, prayer is altogether too underrated. Seems many wait until they face the struggles of life before they remember to pray. I would highly recommend it to anyone - any time.

But thank you for asking for prayer instead of money. I will most certainly pray - and I will pray often for you. The prideful of this world think that money buys the happiness of Christmas. But the grateful hearts see Christmas for what it should be - a time of shared merriment and in selfless giving to each other. You don't need money for that. Even if you have a child.

What's funny to me is that kids from all over will write me letters asking for this and that for Christmas. But if you read their letters closely, you notice that what they are asking for is love and attention. They never remember the actual gifts they get from one Christmas to the next. But they remember everything that was done for fun and love during the season. I encourage you to focus on these things with your daughter. Share time in doing things you love that is associated with the season - sing songs, bake a few goodies, write letters to loved ones, go enjoy the Christmas lights and explore the deeper reasons behind this season of hope.

When it comes to opening presents, I suggest you pray about this too. You might be surprised at the inspiration you will receive when giving such pure thoughts over to prayer. Act upon the promptings you receive after contemplating your prayers for Christmas this year. You may find the inspiration you receive will be the most valuable gift ever given to you. I promise you, it has been for me.

And finally, do not allow your pride to get in the way of help that others may extend to you. I have an extensive network of elves working in the field seeking families like yours. Our goal is not to make anyone feel less of a citizen for not having the means to keep up with societal standards of the season. Our goal is to spread good cheer in any form that we can - so that all can have a Merry Christmas.

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