Chemical guide

and Fertilizers and Soil Additives.

Sunniland Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of lawn, garden and tree fertilizers and soil mixtures.
Jerry's Grow
Gourmet plant food for garden and houseplants.
N-Thrive - Liquid plant food for all indoor & outdoor plants.
Marathon All Season Fertilizer
To keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, be sure to apply Marathon® All-Season Fertilizer
Water Stick Grow System
Plant foods and vitamins sent directly to a plant's root system. Description of the product and results. Online or mail order.
Company selling water absorbing polymers at reduced rates for soil additives.
Power - Soil conditioner & fertilizer
Best Fertilizer
Fertilizer products and services for professional landscapers, golf course superintendents, and the entire turfgrass industry.
Monty's Joy Juice
Monty's Joy Juice is a highly concentrated, unique food grade liquid plant fertilizer. Mr. Monty Justice, the originator of the formula, is a well-known gardener & national rose show judge.
Absorbent crystal, that absorbs 300-400 times its weight in water, and has a life span of approximately 5 to 7 years.
Time-release fertilizer products for a healthier garden.
Power Blend
Site explains how why minerals are important to plant nutrition and how they can economically be replaced to restore tired soil.
Water Crystals
Site has water crystals available for online purchase. Water crystals significantly increase the intervals between watering.
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