Compost guide

and Fertilizers and Soil Additives.

Kitsap E
Z Earth Organic Vermicompost - Offers composting equipment and organic fertilizer from the castings of red worms (Eisenia fetida).
Offers a wide variety of educational and practical vermiculture package deals. Extensive information on-line.
Product offering a way to make compost from lawn, garden, and kitchen waste in as few as fourteen days.
Enviro Care Recycling and Composting Headquarters
Your one-stop shopping for composting bins, recycling bins and other conservation products.
BZT Compost Activator
A natural supplement to the composting cycle, BZT® is available to order online.
Steve's Earth Engine
Organic recycling two-bin cedar composting units. User friendly simplicity generates an unending supply of rich compost for the lawn and garden.
D&P Industries Inc
Features a tumbler for composting and recycling; and a rain barrel for water storage and conservation.
All Things Organic
Offers environmentally friendly composting and worm bins.
Sun Frost Scrap Eater Composter
Offers planter and composter in which plants in the perimeter soil of the device receive nutrients from decomposed matter in center section.
Composting Products Directory
Green Culture's environmental pages describe various compost devices available.
Taranaki Worm Products
Supplier of worm growing products as well as soil nutrients produced by worms.
The Urban Garden Center
A compost tumbler with a unique core aeration design for the backyard gardener. Rain barrel for water storage and composting.
Comprehensive selection of composters, bins, worm (vermiculture) systems, and related accessories.
Covered Bridge Organic
Offers compost bins made entirely of recycled, post-consumer HDPE black plastic, plus composting tips.
Compost Giant
Offers modular, residential composting bins with proprietary method of removing usable compost without rotating container. Ships worldwide from Texas, U.S.
The Recycle Works
Home composting equipment including shredders, compost bins and wormeries. Trade and retail.
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