Art guide

and Garden Accessories.

Critter Creations, LLC.
Creator of the original Bandana Yardbirds. Also hand crafts cats, dogs, frogs and other animals from scrap material. Online catalog and ordering.
Gardner's Garden
Copper art for the garden and home.
Dees Copper
Hand crafted copper yard art.
Butterfly Creations
The art of James Dilts: hand-painted monarch butterflies, swallowtail butterflies, chimes, garden angels.
Garden Artisans
Garden art including arbors, birdhouses and sculpted metal bird feeders.
Soares Metal Art Gallery
Unique metal art for home and garden.
Clay Spirit Studio
Creators of contemplative and joyful clay artifacts, moons, suns, faces, and garden sculpture.
Designs By La Paso
Steel and copper yard art. Fairies, butterflies and dragonflies all handmade by artist Jim La Paso.
Whimsical Garden Art Catalog
Tom and Judy Reed offer unique art to accent home and garden.
Whimsical Art
Judie Bomberger's unique whimsical art includes hand painted steel sculptures, rusted garden sculptures, Cirque Du Soleil sculptures and watercolor prints.
Garden Art
Interesting and unusual items for the garden.
ERA Stoneware
Onyx and marble fountains, lamps, furniture, hand carved doors and cast iron items among many ready and custom designs.
Garden Iron Works
Ornamental iron for your garden, deck or lawn.
Garden Frogs
A collection of hand-cast concrete frogs and toads for the garden and home.
Cape Silhouettes
Garden art, range includes fairies, mushrooms, animals, frogs. Located in South Africa. Order by e-mail
Fairview Design Works
Hand crafts large metal flowers, custom metal name and address signs in various subject matter.
Carol Roeda Studio
Powder-coated or hand-painted figures to dance in your home or garden.
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