Lawn guide

Plus additional infos related to Geese and Garden Accessories.

Goose Garb
Offers clothes in sizes from 9 to 27-inch. Also sells plastic and cement geese and accessories.
This and That
Line of specially designed clothes for all seasons, including holiday themed outfits.
Lawn Goose Designs
Offers goose clothes and outfits, as well as lawn goose accessories. Concrete lawn geese and goslings shipped worldwide. Registry keeps track of purchases. Toll-free number.
RK Design
geese, bear, and deer clothes in several sizes. Statues and accessories also available.
Dawn's Goose Designs
Affordable goose clothes fashions for large and medium sized geese.
Sunburst Decorative Geese Clothing
Everyday, holiday and special occasion clothing, including hat or headpiece
Goose Caboose
Goose Clothing with holiday theme.
Geese and Garb
Offers a selection of hand-tailored outfits for small or large sized concrete geese.
Goose Clothes by Kathy
Handmade clothing for figurine geese 23 to 26-inches tall. Includes holiday themes.
Just Ducky
Clothing for 9, 14, 19-20 or 24-27 inch sizes. Holiday and seasonal themes.
Dizle Dats
Makes and sells a range of styles of clothes for concrete geese and concrete bear statues. Custom designs are also available.
The Gingham Goose
Humorous and holiday clothing for 24 to 27-inch geese. Ships in Canada and USA.
Goose Closet
Clothing for concrete and plastic porch and yard geese.
The Goose Boutique
Small, medium and large size goose suits, plastic and concrete geese too.
Handmade decorative goose clothes that fits most plastic and cement lawn geese.
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