Weathervanes guide

and Garden Accessories.

The Country Gentleman
Weathervanes and cupolas
Annapolis Weathervanes
A large selection of weathervanes and cupolas in themes such as Americana, farm animals, or seafaring.
Noomen Cabinets Specialties
Full-size copper weathervanes and finials, various sizes in aluminum, and tabletop models.
The Backyard Bird Company
Weathervanes for yard and garden! A variety of unique and whimsical styles.
SkyArt Weathervanes
Statuary Weathervane Company
Edwin B. Waskiewicz
Custom designed, hand hammered weathervanes and sculptures, made from brass and copper.
Swen Weathervane
Weathervanes constructed from multiple gage metals and painted with powder coat paint
Weathervanes and Cupolas
Immediate delivery of the finest quality weathervanes and cupolas
Volko Supply Co. Inc.
Copper and aluminum weathervanes, cupolas and many other home products.
West Coast Weather Vanes
Makers of handmade, limited edition copper, brass and goldleaf weathervanes.
Dorset Weathervanes
Hand crafted weathervanes from England in over 500 designs.
Chesapeake Weather Vanes
Cast aluminum, copper or brass in a variety of styles and sizes, fully adjustable.
Crosswinds Weathervanes
Extensive selection of hand-crafted weathervanes, accessories, finials, cupolas, and glass lightning rod balls. Specializing in custom design and crafting.
The Weather Vane Shoppe
Made of copper and brass or aluminum in over 500 styles. Also available: cupolas and finials.
CoBraPro, Inc.
Unique and whimsical weather vanes
Weathervanes of Maine
Weathervanes and cupolas. Includes advice on selecting and sizing.
Connecticut Weathervanes
Full, cottage or garden-sized, cupolas and mounting accessories to match any decorating needs.
Green Mountain Enterprises
Aluminum weather vanes with nameplates that can be mounted on angled roofs or flat surfaces.
Vermont WeatherWorks
Handcrafted from constructed white pine and inspired by nature, folklore, and whimsy. Also sells stands.
Statuary Weathervane Company
A full service statuary and weathervane company specializing in statues, weathervanes and cupolas of all kinds.
Don's Weathervanes
Hand-tooled weather vanes
Rice Weather Vanes
Retailing weathervanes and house signs in cast aluminum, copper and brass.
USA Weathervanes
Weathervanes and cupolas.
SkyArt Weathervanes
Custom-designed weathervanes, accessories, information and a selection of cupolas
Z Vane Weathervanes - Handcrafted original designs and ball-bearing windcups. Includes tops and mounts; tops may be purchased separetly. Text may be difficult to read on lower-resolution monitors.
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