Chemicals guide

and Swimming Pools and Spas.

Jack’s Magic Products Inc
Manufactures a complete line of swimming pool stain removal and problem-solving chemicals.
Laporte Water Technologies
Laporte Water Technologies manufacturers quality swimming pool & spa products and accessories. Look for Leisure Time, GLB, Robarb, Blue Devil, and Applied Biochemists for pool spa water treatment.
Pacific Sands
Eco-One spa care products. A simple, safe and inexpensive alternative to chlorine and bromine.
Spa Safe
Nature's Purifier - An alternative to chlorine. Purify your spa without chlorine or bromine.
Elm Environmental Corporation
The aqua pure pillow naturally purifies your spa water.
Orenda Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of Clearview brand chemicals, including enzymes.
United Chemical Corporation
Manufacturer specializing in algaecides, stain removers, acid washes, mold removers and prevention chemicals.
The aqua pure pillow Gaffey Technical Services
UK supplier of commercial pool chemical dosing equipment.
Natural Mineral Purifiers - Provides alternative sanitation techniques for pools and spas using silver ions and low chlorine levels.
JAJA Group, Inc.
This site provides a wealth of information including various uses for the company's calcium hypochlorite and other water treatment chemicals.
Ram Chemical & Supply Inc
Manufacturer of a complete line of pool and spa chemicals.
Crystal Clear Pool and Spa
Manufacturer and exporter of ECLIPSE3 swimming pool treatment.
inSPAration Spa Fragrances
This site explains how their products can mask the smells of some sanitizers and well as provide 'aroma therapy' benefits.
Sustain Pool Care System
Manufacturer of swimming pool chemicals.
Earth Science Laboratories Inc
This site offers information on Non-Chlorine pool and spa care. Site includes interactive water testing and listing of dealers in your area.
A manufacturer of pool and spa chemicals. Site includes problem water troubleshooting and pool triva monthly contest
Coral Seas
This site features information on Yellow Out, a ecologically-safe algae cleaner. Detailed information is also included at this site.
TMI Salt Pure Corporation
Salt water chlorine generators.
Stain Eraser
Manufacture of the Stain Eraser.
Algae Bar
Offers a non-chlorine algae control product useful for most bodies of water. Includes product FAQ and description.
Lawrason's Pool Products Inc
Canadian manufacturer of Aqua brand swimming pool and Spa Life brand spa chemicals.
Sea-Klear line of products offers a truly unique water treatment solution with environmetally friendly clarifiers and de-foamers.
Chlorine generated through lightly salted water.
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